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With PPO on board, your business can experience cost and performance efficiency from start to finish – from supplier ordering through to product shipping. Let streamlining become your bottom line.

Can you benefit from our BPO solution?


Is your Warehouse Management System truly efficient?


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Which business functions can be outsourced to improve efficiency?

As warehousing booms, business process outsourcing steps up to meet demands.

The new post-COVID retail reality

South Africa’s retail model has changed dramatically in the last 18 months, partially driven by the pandemic and lockdowns, which vastly accelerated the growth of e-commerce and altered buying patterns.

This has put pressure on the warehousing element of the logistics chain, which has had to adapt to these shifts in demand. Optimising processes lies at the heart of the ability to store, manage and deliver stock at the pace required today, which is where business process outsourcing (BPO) can play a pivotal role.

When productivity and output in business lag, it is tempting to increase your staff headcount. However, output might increase, but so too will costs. Before they find themselves in a make-or-break situation, it is necessary for e-commerce companies to evaluate efficiency as a whole and seek out ways to reach that sweet spot between maximising output, while minimising cost.

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