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By becoming an extension of your business, assuming total responsibility for specific processes, as your BPO provider we can support industry players like you to continuously improve and optimise efficiencies, helping you overcome increasingly challenging operational circumstance.

PPO’s BPO model:

  • Find the flexibility you require to meet varying demands, easily
  • Vary headcount according to orders
  • Workers are paid on a productivity basis
  • Receive benefit of increased productivity levels, without the permanent salary cost

As your BPO provider we become an essential part of your business - not by providing a quick fix to your problems, but as a partner in long term, continuous incremental improvement.
PPO relieves you of a substantial portion of risk and responsibility.

Through BPO, the FMCG industry can reduce headcount, increase output, lower costs, and reduce risk.

In an e-commerce ecosystem, warehousing and distribution of products are critical. There are many variabilities, as it is the market that determines how stock moves off the shelves. However, there is only so much that we can achieve in this space using technology. This is where the BPO model can give FMCG businesses the flexibility they require to meet such varying demands, easily.

A BPO provider can become an essential part of your business – not by providing a quick fix to problems, but as a long-term partner, garnering continuous incremental improvement.

In-house performance pitfalls

Warehouse management



Inventory management

By implementing BPO it is possible to reduce headcount while simultaneously improving performance and output.

When it comes to efficiency, bringing more hands-on deck is not the solution, take one of SA’s largest e-commerce fulfillment enterprises as an example

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