PPO – A Leading

Business Process

Outsourcing Company


Who are we?

Your partner in productivity, through driving efficiency.

We offer business process outsourcing, functional outsourcing, knowledge-based outsourcing, management services provider, project management and vendor management.




– Allen F. Morgenstern

A highly relevant expression
in today’s volatile business
environment. Let’s produce
more with less!

With deadlines to be met and quality to be assured, your company needs innovation and commitment behind it to grow. Staying in touch with market demands, remaining ahead of competitor activities, forever pioneering better processes.
All necessary, all achievable with PPO.

Flexibility within your company’s processes is essential in order to accommodate market fluctuations while a focus on core-competencies is just as crucial. Optimise your non-core functions and increase your flexibility whilst lowering your operating costs. All done by outsourcing your business’s integral processes to PPO.

We bring efficiency and innovation. You get an incomparable market advantage.

PPO works in partnership with your business to achieve operational excellence and establish a  minimum-input, maximum-output standard.”

– Willie du Preez, Managing Director.

Once a process is successfully outsourced,

our clients get more time to explore new

revenue streams, accelerate other projects and focus

on their customers.”

– Francois Hugo,
National Operations Manager

Why us?

We deliver the cutting edge in productivity.

The key to a successful outsourcing project is to work with a partner who is experienced and qualified to do the job, a partner who is reliable and market relevant and is driven to achieve your goals.

We have the national scale, flexibility and technological expertise to deliver this successfully and efficiently. Outsource your operational processes and human resource management simultaneously as an entire solution or focus on individual systems, depending on what’s best for your business.

You now have the opportunity to be free of time and resource consuming day-to-day process management responsibilities.


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